PDMS Jobs Offer Opportunity And Adventure

Considering the variables necessary to safely engineer, design, and construct plants for oil drilling, chemical processing, mining, paper production, pharmaceuticals and other industries, it is not surprising that PDMS jobs require specialized training. PDMS ((Plant Design Management System) software brings together all of the necessary components of safe and sound plant design to provide a three-dimensional environment in which the needs and limitations of the designer, the engineer and the builder are all taken into account. With this integrated system, the PDMS software can be used for every aspect of plant design, from simple plant upgrades to complicated initial building plans.
Unlike factories that primarily use machines to produce a product, a processing plant is thus named because of the “processes” that its product goes through to transform a raw material into a saleable product. The “processing” takes place throughout a system of pipes and is carefully monitored throughout by complex control and instrumentation. The PDMS program allows designers to work together on a project, each within their own 3D color environment but all the while seeing what design factors are going on around them.

Pdms jobs

In addition, the software provides accurate design checks to ensure that the entire design is viable and the quality is not compromised, resulting in accurate design the first time. Reports and drawings produced by the software come directly from the model database, guaranteeing consistency between what is being designed and what can be delivered.
PDMS piping jobs can give the trained professional a chance to see the world, since these jobs are offered in locations ranging from the United States to Norway, the United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, France and other exotic and interesting venues. A simple Internet search will produce hundreds of opportunities. Some jobs are contract based and others are for staff positions, and within both types job responsibilities vary for the PDMS piping designer. For senior designers, roles typically include managing projects through to conclusion and coordinating all aspects of the project to make sure that goals are accomplished on time, within or below budget, and with the quality necessary and expected. For a job of this nature, the applicant would typically be expected to have a B.Sc. in mechanical or civil engineering, although a master’s degree would be preferred, chartered engineer status, and at least 15 years experience. Novice PDMS piping job applicants, with an AA degree and applicable technical courses, will find no lack of opportunity in this field. The beginner can build experience and expect to make a considerable income, despite fewer years in the profession.
PDMS training courses are available throughout the world. Kagira Drawing Solution in Chennai, India, known as “Asia’s #1 PDMS Training Institute,” offers courses in PDMS. Denmark’s PLANTCON A/S also provides a 10-day training program for basic PDMS design. Courses are also available in Mumbai, England, Nigeria, the United States and other locations throughout the world. Typical course syllabi include all facets of the software including equipment design, pipe design, steel design, drawing production, isometric and review. Typically, courses have a prerequisite of an engineering degree, with diplomas in mechanical, civil, chemical, or instrumentation.
The computer-aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE) application of PDMS offers a universal platform on which engineering firms and designers rely for safe and efficient plant design. Because of the highly specialized PDMS training, jobs in this market are plentiful and can offer the adventurous individual the opportunity to see the world while making a considerable income. However, qualifications for these positions are high, ranging from applicable technical courses to doctorates in engineering. With the proper training, PDMS jobs offer an exciting and lucrative career option.